Mid-Delta Community Services, Inc. is an educational and charitable non-profit organization 
established in 1966.

The administrative branch, headquartered in Helena, Arkansas, encompasses Phillips, Monroe, Prairie, and Lee counties. Mid-Delta judiciously implements programs to meet the needs of the low-income population of the four county area. The result is a comprehensive, multi-program service Agency which thoroughly permeates this service area to serve the areas needy population.

Through the Community Services Block Grant Program, Mid-Delta is able to provide a wide range of services which includes employment, transportation, education, counseling, income utilization, emergency services, community projects for children and adults, food and clothing to families who have been victims of house fires, and other community service related activities.

The Community Services Block Grant also helps to provide intake, outreach, referrals, and outcomes to existing employment, and case management services for programs already in the community.

For more information about the programs Mid-Delta offers, call the Community Services Center nearest to where you live.
This page was last updated: January 17, 2019

Mid-Delta Community Services’ mission is to sponsor programs which empower low-income and elderly people with the opportunity to improve their quality of life and help them reach self sufficiency.


Bridging the gap between poverty and self sufficiency.
Head Start reports available online: 

*  2016 Annual Expenditure Report

*  Program Information Report

The Agency Brochure is  available online in PDF format.  

You will need the Adobe Reader to view and print the brochure.  

If you do not have the reader, click here to download the free reader. 

Individuals may receive services if they are eligible, after meeting the eligibility guidelines for the programs offered by this agency.

If you need information about any of Mid-Delta Community Services, Inc. programs, call the Community Center nearest to where you live.


Applicants for any program offered by Mid-Delta Community Services, Inc. must be qualified according to the guidelines for the program being offered.  

Eligibility guidelines and operating dates will vary, depending on the program.