The Crisis Intervention Program (CIP) is designed to assist qualified, low-income, elderly, and disabled individuals who have received a shut off notice or have actually been shut off.

CIP payments will be provided to or for any household, which has demonstrated crisis situations, related to residential energy for the appropriate program in effect, and meet the other eligibility requirements.

Assistance that will resolve the household's crisis situation must be provided within 48 hours after a signed application is received, if a household is eligible.

Crisis situations are if:

* The household's home energy supply is at or below 10% of tank capacity and supplier has refused delivery
  without payment.  (LPG, kerosene, heating oil)  Verification of tank capacity is required. 

* The household's supply of wood is at or below three week's supply and supplier will not deliver without payment.

* The household's main heating source has been disconnected or will be disconnected within 7 days of application date.
Applicants should call the Community Center nearest to where they live to learn how to apply for assistance. 

The Home Energy Assistance Program is designed to assist qualified,  low-income, elderly, and disabled individuals with a one-time payment to assist with energy costs.  Program eligibility is based on household size and income, not on the amount of a monthly bill.